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120W FlashFish Mini Portable Power Supply Station

120W FlashFish Mini Portable Power Supply Station

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The FlashFish Mini Portable Power Supply Station is both compact & lightweight and equipped with a built-in flashlight and a convenient hanging rope making it easy to hang on your backpack or carry around while traveling or enjoying an outdoor adventure.



- Equipped with Six Outputs: 98Wh (26400mAh, 3.7V) capacity; 1x 120W AC port; 2x Type-C 18W port; 2x 5V/2.4A USB-A port; and 1x 12V/5A DC output, able to support charging of your road trip essentials such as smartphones, tabets, laptops, cameras, etc.
- Backup power feature with a 2-mode LED flashlight, allows you to press the LED button to switch between constant lighting and SOS flashing, generating a total power of 5W/400LM, powerful enough to illuminate a camp site or your home when there's a power outage.
- Three Recharging Options: The small solar generator can be recharged by the FlashFish 50W/60W solar panel (SOLD SEPARATELY), wall outlet or vehicle outlet.
- Recharge Times: AC Adapter (INCLUDED): 4 Hours; 12V Car Adaptor (INLCUDED): 4 Hours; Flashfish 50W/60W Solar Panel (NNOT INCLUDED): 4 Hours



- 26400mAh Capacity
- Colossal Cell Capacity
- Pure sine wave
- 26400mAh of charging power ensures over one complete charge for the 2020 MacBook Air and a significant battery boost for other laptops
- Depending on battery size, most smartphones will get over 4 full charges
- Lithium Ion Battery
- 2.64 lbs lightweight design
- L 6.22 in x W 6.22 in x H 3.54 in


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